Completing Project with Teams Of Professionals me
Outsourcing Specialist
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Jabula Specialist Service’s main business is in Providing a Service to in

Fulfilling/Complete Contracts by providing teams of

High Skilled Professionals.

Jabula Specialist Services have consistently pursued and maintained long-term relationship with its clients and many of its Current Clients have been with us since the inception of our company.

With more then 10 years of Experience Jabula Specialist Services succeed in:

WELDING PROJECTS - CIVIL PROJECTS - CLEANING PROJECTS - PLUMBING PROJECTS -MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PROJECTS -ELECTRICAL PROJECTS -FACILITATORS PROJECTS. Jabula Specialist Services is working towards training and affording our Local Artisans the chance to work with and gain experience from Artisans holding a minimum of 10 years expertise in all the sectors above.
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